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Articles & Mentions

RevOps Manager vs. Salesforce Admin: What Does Your Company Need?

Revenue operations is the talk of the town. LinkedIn named “Head of Revenue Operations” the number one “job on the rise” in 2023. According to Google trends, interest in “revenue operations” has nearly doubled in the past five years. Companies are catching on to the fact that it’s difficult to staff a robust enterprise sales team without also investing in the foundational operations required to generate ROI. Keep Reading.

The Softer Side of the Salesforce Admin Role

There’s a new book picking up steam in the Salesforce community called “Rock Your Role as a Salesforce Admin”. The more I mention it to others, the more I hear, “Yes, I’ve been told to read that already!”. Keep Reading.

Guest Blog Posts

How to Listen Actively but not too Literally to Determine the Right Salesforce Solution

We all want to be responsive to our stakeholders, including addressing requests and solving problems, but it’s critical that we understand the root cause and desired outcome behind the ask and only then match that information with the right Salesforce solution. This means not assuming the solution involves a certain feature just because they used words that reference specific Salesforce functionality. Keep Reading.

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