Listen Up, Salesforce Admins!

Introducing A New audio learning series to help you level up and rock your Salesforce role

Jodi Hrbek, author of Rock Your Role as a Salesforce Admin, shares field-tested techniques for navigating real-world stakeholder challenges and the competing demands of the admin role in an exclusive new audio course designed for busy Salesforce professionals. 

An image of microphone and the words, "Listen Up, Salesforce Admins with Jodi Hrbek."  There is a picture of Jodi Hrbek and a banner that reads, "An Audio Learning Series."  At the bottom of the page it says, "Talk tracks, tips, and tactics to help you level up and rock your Salesforce role."
Sara Shenoy

Salesforce Administrator

"It’s like having a mentor in your ear, guiding you with practical wisdom from years of 'been there, done that' experience."

Jennifer Olson

Salesforce Solution Architect

"Attention-grabbing, insightful, and a tremendous resource to refer back to over and over. Jodi teaches using real world scenarios leaving you feeling confident and ready to implement into your Salesforce journey."

Sound familiar?

  • My stakeholders get defensive when I ask too many questions.
  • My stakeholders keep changing their minds.
  • My stakeholders insist on solutions instead of sharing their business problems.
  • Whenever I share Salesforce capabilities, I end up with more work.
  • My boss doesn’t understand why I’m so busy.
  • My calendar is full, yet I’m not getting the important work done.

This engaging, value-packed audio series addresses your real-world Salesforce Admin challenges

  • Imagine how much more confident you’ll feel asking the questions when you know how to effectively engage stakeholders and redirect them when they insist on discussing solutions instead of business problems.
  • Wouldn't it be a relief if you could make suggestions about platform capabilities without immediately getting more work on your plate?
  • What if you had a coach to provide proven techniques to reclaim your calendar, protect your precious admin hours, and focus on the most impactful work?
  • What mission-critical projects could you finish if you had a few extra hours in your week?   

Immerse yourself in these short, impactful episodes packed with actionable tips and mindset advice so you can:

  • Ask better questions to uncover the real business issue.
  • Uncover the information you need from stakeholders.
  • Share valuable suggestions without increasing your workload.
  • Get your boss to understand the scale and complexity of your role.
  • Shift your focus towards high-impact tasks that truly matter.

Designed for Busy Salesforce Professionals

Engaging and Conversational Content

Lessons feel like conversations not boring training. Jodi provides practical examples of how to apply the concepts and brings the nuances of effective communication to life. It's like having your own Salesforce Admin coach sharing insights and tips.

Convenient and Easy to Access

We know how busy you are! With the audio format, you can hear these crucial conversations directly from Jodi herself, and you can learn at your desk or on the go in your favorite podcast app – whether you're commuting, exercising, or just taking a break.

Digital Guidebook for Quick Reference

A comprehensive digital companion guide distills each episode into digestible key takeaways, thought-provoking questions, and practical action items. This ensures you can apply what you learn and have essential advice at your fingertips for easy reference.

Answers to Your Real-World Questions

Jodi has meticulously crafted the content to tackle the practical issues and real-life concerns that admins like you have encountered and shared: stakeholder challenges, the battle for time, and professional growth. 

What's the difference between the book and the audio learning series?

  • Listen Up, Salesforce Admins contains brand new content. It is NOT an audio version of Jodi’s book. Jodi created this content to add depth to some of the book's topics and address common questions from readers.
  • If you haven’t read the book, no worries. The book and the audio series complement each other, but each stands on its own.
  • The audio learning series is perfect for those who enjoy dynamic learning or seek supplementary knowledge in an easily digestible format.

About the Instructor: Jodi Hrbek

Jodi is a seasoned expert with over 20 years in the Salesforce ecosystem. She has hired and managed dozens of Salesforce Admins and coached dozens more. She has led complex implementations in start-ups and enterprise organizations. She’s been in senior leadership roles in sales operations and technology teams. She knows what makes high-performing Salesforce teams work and what differentiates the ordinary Salesforce pros from the extraordinary ones. She’s seen the scenarios where Salesforce admins get tripped up. She knows having the right questions and mindset can make all the difference in a successful Salesforce admin career, and she's on a mission to share her knowledge and elevate the role.

What's Included?

Almost 5 hours of valuable content and coaching in bite-sized, easy-to-implement chunks. Once you subscribe, you'll get immediate, unlimited access to the entire series.

It's a self-paced course, so you can learn at your own speed and listen in any order. 

A downloadable companion guide offers key takeaways, reflective prompts, and action items for applying the lessons. Plus you can print out tips and talk tracks for easy reference.

Lesson Categories

Talk Tracks: Let’s See How it Sounds. 
Sound Ideas: Actionable, Practical. And not at all Flow-related.
The Sounding Board: Your Real-Life Career Questions Answered.
A Mindset Minute: A Reminder to Sound as if You’ve Got This−Because You Do.

Talk Track Lessons

  • How to Disarm Stakeholders who are Defensive or Reluctant to Answer Questions
  • How to Clarify Terms and Ensure you’re on the Same Page as your Stakeholder
  • How To Redirect a Stakeholder Fixated on a Solution from Their Previous Job
  • How to Educate stakeholders about Salesforce Capabilities without Getting Overloaded with Work
  • How to Turn Stakeholder Indecision into Project Success

Sound Ideas Lessons

  • How to End Your Week with a Win with a #WeeklyWrapUp
  • How to Reclaim your Time using a Calendar Look-Ahead
  • How to Reduce Risk and Re-Work with a Pre-Mortem
  • How to Leverage Your Resources, Even if You Think You Don’t Have Any
  • How to Communicate the Scope and Complexity of Your Workload Effectively with the 3D Role Review

The Sounding Board Lessons

  • How to Be the Admin Your Boss Can't Wait to Send to Dreamforce
  • How to Apply #AlwaysBeAsking Even if you Don’t Interact with your Stakeholders
  • How to Evaluate a Side Hustle as a Full-Time Admin, and What to Consider Instead
  • How to Add Value Even as You Exit and What you Should Start Doing Even if you Aren’t Leaving Anytime Soon

Mindset Minutes

  • You are Not "Just" a Salesforce Admin
  • Leadership isn't a Title or a Rank
  • Your Perspective Offers Value (POV)

 How Does it Work?

step 1

Log In to the Portal

Immediately after registering, you’ll receive a welcome email with log-in instructions.

step 2

 Listen to the Welcome Episodes and Download the Companion Guide

The Getting Started module includes a welcome message, a brief overview of the content and tips for how to navigate the lessons. (Spoiler alert: you can go in any order that suits you.) This is also where you can download the digital companion guide. 

step 3

Get the Link to Listen via Podcast App if you Want to Listen on the Go

Once you're in the portal, you have full access to all the content.  If you'd rather listen via your fave podcast app, the Getting Started module includes instructions for how to make it available in your preferred podcast player in just a few clicks. (This is a private podcast feed that's only available if you've enrolled in the course.)

Immediate ROI

Imagine negotiating your next salary increase or promotion armed with the wins you can deliver with improved stakeholder engagement and more time to focus on work that moves the needle.

Time is Money

Free yourself from the endless cycle of reactive tasks. This series teaches you to leverage your role for strategic impact, saving time and creating more value for your company—and for your career.

The Cost of Inaction

Consider the opportunities missed by not stepping into your full potential. This series is your pathway to avoiding these costs and seizing opportunities for growth and recognition.

You’re Not “Just” an Admin, and You’re Worth It!

A Resource You'll Access Again and Again

When you enroll, it’s not just one-and-done. You have unlimited access, so come back and listen again when you're facing a sticky stakeholder situation, when you're ready to try new ways to reclaim your time, or if you simply need a reminder that you've got this!

Subscribe today to get the limited launch Promotion rate of $49 and invest in your future!

An image of a microphone and the words, "Listen Up, Salesforce Admins with Jodi Hrbek."  There is a picture of Jodi Hrbek and a banner that reads, "An Audio Learning Series."  At the bottom of the page, it says, "Talk tracks, tips, and tactics to help you level up and rock your Salesforce role."
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