The Amazon Best-Selling Book Earning Rave Reviews from Salesforce Professionals

Rock Your Role as a Salesforce Admin:

Create Value, Calm the Chaos, and Supercharge Your Career

Transform from an Ordinary to an Extraordinary Salesforce Professional

A powerful, easy-to-read resource that will elevate your Salesforce game and position you as a trusted Salesforce advisor instead of an order-taker. Learn how to be indispensable in the role and make raving fans throughout your organization.

  • Are you tired of being approached with solutions rather than problems?
  • Are you unsure how to get out of order-taker mode?
  • Are you struggling to juggle stakeholder demands and tight timelines?
  • Are you ready to elevate your role and make a lasting impression that will get you recognized and rewarded?

 Uncover Critical Salesforce Admin Skills and Strategies You Won't Find on Trailhead

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Table Stakes:  The foundational knowledge all Salesforce admins must bring to the table and instructions on how to do that.

Salesforce Admin Pro Competencies: Detailed exploration of the seven core competencies and the mindset that will set you apart.

Actionable Advice and Do's and Don'ts: Bite-sized, field-tested suggestions for ways to add value, improve communication, and avoid re-work.

Practical Techniques and Strategies: Proven tactics for managing workloads and establishing business boundaries.

Real-World Scenarios and Talk Tracks: Practical examples and conversation outlines to help you navigate complex situations and ensure you solve the right problem with the right and right-sized solution.

Who is Rock Your Role as a Salesforce Admin for?

  • Aspiring Admins: New to Salesforce? Gain a clear roadmap and actionable advice to excel.
  • Overwhelmed Admins: Stressed by competing stakeholder demands? Learn how to calm the chaos.
  • Ambitious Salesforce Professionals: Ready to shift from admin tasks to a more strategic role? Here's how.
  • Experienced Practitioners: Looking to solidify your status as a trusted Salesforce advisor? This book offers valuable insights for everyone, at any stage of their Salesforce career—whether you're a Consultant, Business Analyst, Architect, or Developer.

About the Author: Jodi Hrbek

Hi! I'm Jodi. I’ve been Salesforcin’ for a living for more than twenty years. My claim to fame is that I attended the very first Dreamforce! My Salesforce journey includes four years working directly for Salesforce and the launch of an independent consultancy, but I've spent the bulk of my career working on the Salesforce client side. I've led implementations for two fast-paced startups within the Blackstone portfolio and have held leadership positions overseeing the Salesforce platform at several top enterprise companies. I've hired and managed dozens of Salesforce admins and coached dozens more, so I know how high-performing teams create value and deliver impactful solutions. I wrote this book to help you shorten your learning curve and arm you with tools and techniques so you can overdeliver without overwhelm.

I love to connect with Salesforce professionals and those aspiring to be one. Come hang out with me on LinkedIn where I post most weekdays.

After reading Rock Your Role as a Salesforce Admin, you'll know how to:
  • Use questions to effectively uncover business needs.
  • Make measurable impacts that propel your career forward.
  • Earn a reputation as a Salesforce subject matter expert.
  • Transform from a reactive, task-focused admin to a trusted problem-solver.
  • Perfect the art of prioritizing and providing realistic estimates.
  • Save hours by discerning between valuable tasks and unnecessary work.
  • Strengthen stakeholder relationships through improved communication.

Learn on the Go!

Rock your Role as a Salesforce Admin is NOW AVAILABLE as an audiobook

Now your commute, gym session, carpool, or walk with the dog can be an opportunity to grow professionally. (Yep, Jodi narrated the book if you're wondering.)

Click to play an excerpt from Chapter 1

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